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Relating on the Path

Oasis Al-Hamam

Andalusia, Spain

July 16-21, 2024


The Process - Rediscovering Love


A unique 5-day summer retreat in the mountains of Andalusia for Path Of Love graduates with a longing to inquire into relationships and intimacy.  We will employ the approach and tools of Path Of Love to explore our innate masculine and feminine qualities, gender roles, relationship patterns, and sexuality.


How we walk our path, how we love and express ourselves, both in the spiritual and physical sense, is greatly impacted by a harmonious and respectful interaction between the feminine and masculine energies within our psyche, regardless of our gender identity.


This retreat is for people who want to free themselves from old relating patterns and stereotypical gender roles to realize their deepest potential in love. Reacting On The Path is an invitation to connect with each other honestly and with deep respect. Together we can overcome what stands between us and fulfilling relationships: Feelings of inadequacy, disconnect, fear, shame or jealousy - feelings which we attempt to compensate for by pleasing, competing with, or controlling the other.

Here, we will support each other to embrace our vulnerability and responsibility. Now doors can open for you  to embody the depth and joy of your love as it wants to share itself through your qualities, through your unique fragrance, colors and flavors.


This process is born from an authentic longing to recognize and fully live our truth in our relationships.

The Oasis - Retreat to Tranquility


Experience a unique summer retreat with us and friends on the path of love at Oasis Al-Hamam, nestled in the Andalusian mountains of southern Spain. Just a stone's throw from the charming village of Lucainena de las Torres and located between the mountains and the Costa del Sol, Oasis Al-Hamam offers the perfect setting for self-reflection, personal growth and an unforgettable summer vacation.


Immerse yourself in the deep silence of the desert, where Arab cultural heritage meets the serenity and power of nature. Surrounded by sun-kissed mountains, mesmerizing desert sunsets, lush organic gardens and healing mineral springs, Al-Hamam is an oasis of light and tranquillity dedicated to preserving the environment in this enchanting mountain valley.


You can choose your accommodation between Moroccan Bedouin tents, tipis, wooden huts or rustic and comfortable single rooms. You are invited to discover, reflect, and rejuvenate in a place where time moves at a different pace.


The Experience - Connect and Grow


  • Meet fellow travelers on the Path of Love from all over Europe and the US.

  • Deepen your personal "Path of Love" experience.

  • Form deeper connections with yourself and others.

  • Harmonize the feminine and masculine energies within you.

  • Liberate yourself from old relationship patterns and stereotypes.

  • Expand your capacity for love and awareness.

  • Enjoy delicious food straight from the field to the table.

  • Connect with the rhythm of nature and life; relax.

  • Savor the summer sun, surrounded by the Andalusian mountains.

  • Celebrate, burn, dance, play and pray.

Oasis AlHamam

Relating On The Path - Logistics


Retreat Spans 5 full days

Begins July 16 after dinner, Arrival and check in July 16 at 4 pm

Concludes July 21 at 4 pm


Retreat Costs €480

Early bird reduced price €390, to be paid in full by June 4


Oasis Al-Hamam Costs for room and board €50-€70/night

6 nights from €300 to €420 depending on accommodation; includes all meals.

Please pay for your accommodation and meals on arrival.

Consider arriving a night early and/or to stay a couple of nights after the retreat to enjoy the oasis with friends and extend your Spain vacation.

Oasis Al-Hamam

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